Jocteur, the baker

The first flagship bakery can be found in Place Henri Barbusse, right next to the charming 'Ile Barbe.' It was here in 1992 that Philippe-Marc Jocteur set up his first bakery. Known for its atmosphere and charming location the bakery quickly established a great reputation for its warm welcome and the quality of its produce.

Philippe-Marc Jocteur's aim is to establish a successful bakery by sharing his passion for his work, his produce and his love of food generally. In very little time the Ile Barbe baker would have the honour of baking the bread for Mr Paul Bocuse, the internationally renowned chef and his restaurant 'L'Auberge de Collonges au Mont D'Or'.

His ambition and energy gave him the desire to recreate this atmosphere in other towns across France. "Le boulanger des Invalides" opened in Paris, just next to the 'Dome des Invalides'. The following year Phillipe-Marc Jocteur set up a little piece of the 'Ile Barbe' in 'Les Halles Paul Bocuse', right next to the famous 'Mère Richard.' And then the year after, Philippe Marc Jocteur opened "Le boulanger des Chartreux", a bakery tucked away in the hill of the Croix Rousse in Lyon that he opened with his friend and business partner David Cornier.

Philippe Marc Jocteur's desire to establish other establishments continued to grow thanks to the good moments shared with both clients and colleagues alike. Bordeaux became the next destination, and with the help of Gregory Lacolonge "Le boulanger de L'Hôtel de ville" opens only a few steps from Place Pey-Berland. A few months after Phillipe Marc Jocteur opened "Le boulanger de la Lune" with Manuela in Tassin la demi lune in the north of Lyon.

All of these bakeries offer delicious moments of shared indulgence in tea rooms where sweet delicacies can be found whatever the time of day…With the help of this website you have the opportunity to discover our specialties along with the addresses and opening times of the different bakeries.

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